Royal Constellations
A 1000 years of ancestral connections in the European royal families

Discover the shortest path between two royals

If you click on a star you will select & fix that person. By clicking on another star the visual will show you the shortest path between the two (although sometimes multiple shortest paths exist. The algorithm will then show one of these). To clear the fix on the first person, click anywhere that's not a circle.

Royal & aristocratic families are known for their fondness of marrying within their own clique. Restraining aggression between two families, creating a stronger front towards a third family, increasing territorial acquisitions, legal claim to a foreign throne through inheritance are some of the most common reasons.

This leads to very interesting & entangled family trees which the visual below tries to convey. It shows how all 10 of the current hereditary royal leaders of Europe can be connected to each other through their ancestors. We don't have to look very far back. Even the most distant royal relatives have their shared forebears born after the year 1700.

Each "star" below is a person, placed approximately on their year of birth in the vertical direction and to their closest relative who is a royal leader today in the horizontal direction. Hover over a star to see how many relatives can be connected to that person in "6-degrees of separation". For highly connected royals, such as Pauline of W├╝rttemberg, born in 1810, who is a relative of 6 current royal families, it may take a second to calculate all connections.

This genealogy is far from complete, or perfect, probably many more interconnections exist, but this peek into the history of Europe's royals shows that it's all one big (happy?) family.

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